Cancer care

As our patient you can be assured of receiving the best in class personal care, tailored by your consultant to your needs. Based within the Harley Street Medical Area, Nuada Gynaecology is a team of renowned gynaecological and obstetrics specialists brought together by Nuada Medical to provide the highest quality service to patients with gynaecological conditions and mothers to be. Several eminent gynaecologists have joined our founding Consultants, Mr Jeffrey Braithwaite and Mr Adrian Lower. Uniquely, we are the only gynaecology chambers in London which can genuinely claim that from initial consultation, through diagnosis and treatment, we provide an integrated pathway covering all aspects of gynaecology and obstetrics with acknowledged authorities in each of their fields.

e At Nuada Gynaecology we diagnose and treat all the main cancers that originate in women’s reproductive organs. Each year thousands of women are diagnosed with one of these conditions. Fortunately though, many of these cancers are highly treatable and even curable with the comprehensive, preventive treatment you can receive at Nuada. We appreciate that it is normal to be anxious when diagnosed with cancer but the re... more
3a Symptoms In most cases, having regular smear tests can prevent cancer of the cervix. Additionally, the vaccination programme is helping to further reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. Even if a cancer of the cervix develops, it is usually detected early due to abnormal bleeding, and can be treated with an excellent chance of cure. Cancer of the cervix develops from areas of precancerous cells called CIN. Thes... more
11a Endometrial cancer arises from an abnormal growth of cells in the endometrium. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus and is most often associated with the more common condition of endometriosis. Endometrial cancer is heavily related to obesity and excessive estrogen, the risk of cancer from estrogen exposure is reduced by taking progesterone in combination, like it is in most birth control pills. Endometrial c... more
10a Fallopian tube cancer is where cancer cells are found in the lining of the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes are the ducts or tubes which connect the ovaries (where eggs are produced) to the uterus (womb) and allow the transport of eggs from one to the other. Typically if an egg encounters sperm in the fallopian tubes it will be fertilized and then moves to the womb where it settles and develops into an embryo. As... more
6a Early diagnosis is key in improving the prognosis of ovarian cancer. Women with stage one or two are much more likely to be cured than women with a later stage. Unfortunately in many cases, ovarian cancer can occur in women with no family history. Ovarian cancer symptoms Symptoms of ovarian cancer include increased abdominal size or persistent bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, or nausea, and difficulty eating or ... more
4 The vulva is the fleshy tissue which surrounds and protects the opening of the vagina. Cancer of this area is very rare and accounts for 1 percent of all cancers. Although vulval cancer can occur in women in their 30's and 40's, 85 percent of cases are reported in postmenopausal women after the age of 50. In most Western countries, nearly half of all incidences are found when they are very small and highly curable. A... more
12a Nuada Gynaecology is part of Nuada Medical Group, a doctor and employee co-owned partnership with a mission to make healthcare better for patients. We are co-founded, co-run and co-owned by our clinicians. Because the consultants and healthcare professionals who work for Nuada are all shareholders, they are highly motivated to put patients first in everything that they do. Uterine cancer symptoms Nuada Gynaecology ... more