Ectopic pregnancy

In normal pregnancies the embryo attaches itself in the womb, however in rare cases it can get stuck in the fallopian tubes and begin to form there. This is incredibly dangerous for the mother as it causes serious internal bleeding, often this internal bleeding will cause a tubal abortion and miscarriage.


The symptoms are often non specific, general pain, bleeding and tenderness.


A pregnancy test will be the first test followed by an ultrasound to confirm an ectopic pregnancy and to check whether a miscarriage has occurred yet, as well as assessing any structural damage.


In ectopic pregnancies that do not naturally miscarriage surgery will need to take place to remove it before it causes life threatening issues to the woman. Surgery may also be necessary after a natural miscarriage because the fallopian tube can be ruptured from the stress of the pregnancy forming within the tube.

It is much less common but ectopic pregnancies can also form in the cervix, ovaries or abdomen. Surgery to remove the growth will usually performed laparoscopically to insure as little damage as possible is done to the reproductive organs. Depending on the case either the pregnancy, or the affected tube shall be removed, however your consultant will explain in detail the procedure if it is necessary.