Alison Wright

Alison is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with particular interests in pelvic floor & bladder conditions, traumatic childbirth and also high-risk pregnancy including HIV and drugs in pregnancy.

As a Consultant at the Royal Free Hospital in London, Alison has been involved in the NHS London Maternity Services Improvement Board, and and was co-chair of the user engagement group, leading to the production of ‘What Women Want’, a review and guidelines now being implemented in the NHS.

Alison is a qualified counsellor, which she considers crucial when dealing with personal and intimate issues for women on a daily basis. She has worked with women from many cultural backgrounds, both abroad, in India and Pakistan, and in multicultural areas in the UK. As co-chair for the Maternity Services Liaison Committee, she worked to improve several key aspects of womens’ experiences in the NHS, stopping asylum seekers being billed for their maternity care, changing the policy on automatic continuous electronic fetal heart monitoring and promoting an active birth rooms with birthing balls.

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