Keith Duncan

Director of The Chelsea Birth Clinic, Keith Duncan is a highly regarded Consultant Obstetrician, having been Service Head and Royal College of Obstetricians Members Representative for seven years.

An Accredited Sub Specialist in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, he is renowned for his hands-on approach, down to earth manner and meticulous attention to detail; making him a popular choice with both first time mothers and a loyal following of repeat patients.

With over 20 years Obstetrics and Gynecology experience, Keith has performed more than 1,000 deliveries in private practice and has extensive experience of normal, assisted and Caesarean births. This experience together with his personable and calm approach have gained him the reputation as a brilliant practitioner in multiple and high-risk birth situations, whilst also retaining a Normality Approach in low risk cases.

Having published many research papers relating to development in Utero and a Doctorate thesis from the University Of Nottingham on scanning infants, his specialised interests include high-risk obstetrics, ultrasound and multiple pregnancies.

A strong supporter of personal choice in childbirth and listening to the individual needs and wishes of each patient (from water births to elective Caesarean Sections), his philosophy is to provide a positive birth experience for all his parents to be.